Warkworth Auto Dismantlers Ltd
2 Glenmore Drive, Warkworth  ::  09-425-7730; 09-425-7835

Warkworth Auto Dismantlers have been supplying parts throughout New Zealand since 1993 and are proud to have over 12 years experience in the auto dismantling industry. We specialise in vehicles from 1980 - 1990s, and also repairs, 2nd hand tyres, and warrant of fitness for your vehicle. We also have new parts available. So if you are looking for spare parts, warrant of fitness, repairs mechanically, and 2nd hand tyres give us a call on 09 425 7835, we are sure to assist you with your inquiry. We can get it!

We use the Partslink link to source parts that we are unable to supply first hand to you, we offer this free of charge.

Please note all parts and mechanical work is guaranteed, if the part us faulty we will repair, replace or refund the part.